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What are your options for Canadian Business and Investor PNP?

Manitoba Business Entrepreneur Pathway

Provincial Nominee Program

The MPNP Entrepreneur Pathway stream is designed to attract qualified business people who intend to move to Manitoba and are interested in establishing a new business, or acquiring or partnering in an existing business.

Personal Eligibility Requirements

To be able to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the MPNP, the Principal Applicant must:

  • Have a verifiable net worth of at least CAD$500,000 that has been accumulated through legal means;
  • Make a personal investment towards establishment and operation of the business of:
    • At least CAD$250,000, if the proposed business is located in the Manitoba Capital Region;
    • At least CAD$150,000, if the proposed business is located outside of the Manitoba Capital Region.
  • If invited to submit an application, apply for and submit a final net-worth evaluation report by the given deadline;
  • Demonstrate business ownership and/or senior management experience of at least three (3) years in the past five (5) years;
  • Have basic English or French language proficiency equivalent to Canadian Language Benchmark level five (5) or higher in each category on a valid language test;
  • Have an education credential of a minimum of Canadian high school diploma or equivalent;
  • If completing a business research visit, complete visit no more than one (1) year prior to submission of an EOI;
  • Demonstrate intent to actively manage the business from the place of business;
  • Demonstrate intent to reside within 100 kilometres of the business and be physically present in Manitoba for at least 80% of the time;
  • Submit a Business Plan.

Upon approval of the application, Applicants will be required sign a Performance Agreement with the government of Manitoba.

Eligibility Requirements for Business

To qualify for the stream, the Principal Applicant must have ownership of at least one-third of the business and provide active and on-going participation in the everyday management of the business. Furthermore, the proposed business must:

  • Be established, purchased or partnered into within the first 24 months of arrival in Canada;
  • Be in operation for at least six (6) months immediately prior to submitting a Final Report to the MPNP;
  • Be owned, controlled and financially supported by the Applicant at all material times;
  • Meet the legal requirements of the community in which the business operates;
  • Be a for-profit entity with the purpose of making a profit from active income through the sale of goods and/or services;
  • Comply with all applicable federal, provincial or municipal legal, regulatory or licensing requirements that govern the operation;
  • If opening a new business, staff at least one (1) Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in Manitoba and not related to the Applicant with full-time employment for at least six (6) continuous months prior to submitting the Final Report to the MPNP;
  • If purchasing an existing business, preserve all existing permanent full-time jobs with commitment to maintain the existing wages and employment terms for at least six (6) months prior to submitting the Final Report to the MPNP.

Applications may be denied on the following grounds:

  • Direct or indirect misrepresentation;
  • If the Applicant proposes an ineligible business;
  • If the Applicant has a criminal record;
  • If the Applicant is prohibited from entering Canada;
  • If the Applicant is currently a Live-In Caregiver residing in Canada;
  • If the Applicant is currently a temporary foreign worker residing and working in a province other than Manitoba;
  • If the Applicant is a spouse of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  • If the Applicant has been refused by the MPNP within the last six (6) months, and is unable to address the reason(s) for refusal;
  • If the Applicant has an immigration application in process with any other provincial immigration program in Canada;
  • If the Applicant is claiming refugee status in Canada, is involved in a federal appeal or is under a removal order in or outside of Canada.

Acquiring a Work Permit and Permanent Residence

The MPNP Entrepreneur Pathway stream is a multi-step process requiring registration and application to the MPNP first. The MPNP will invite the highest-scoring registrants to submit a full application. Upon approval of the application, MPNP will issue the Applicant(s) a work permit support letter which allows the Applicant(s) to apply for a work permit and begin implementing the business plan and making the required investments.

Applicants must report their arrival within 30 days after arriving in Manitoba on a work permit and submit their Final Report to the MPNP no later than 20 months after arriving. Upon being found to have successfully operated the business in accordance with the Performance Agreement for a minimum of six (6) months, Applicants will be issued a nomination from the MPNP. Upon nomination, Applicants and their eligible family members may apply for permanent residence to IRCC to become permanent residents under the Provincial Nominee Class.

Application Processing Time

There are no set application processing times for the MPNP. Permanent residence application processing times for the Provincial Nominees Class are currently 15 to 19 months.


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