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Citizenship by Investment

Officially known as the Republic of Malta, the island nation is an archipelago that lies south of Europe in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. Although geographically small, the country is becoming one of Europe’s fastest growing economies and best countries to do business with. Residents of Malta enjoy low operating costs, a versatile workforce, and a thriving economy, all attributable to the government’s pro-business stance. Whether it’s for the business opportunities or the lifestyle, Malta remains one of the top relocation destinations in the world.

The Malta Citizenship by Investment Program

The Malta Citizenship by Investment Program is designed to attract high net-worth investors and maintains its exclusivity by adopting a stringent due diligence process. The Program is designed to provide an avenue for Applicants and their families to obtain citizenship.

Ways of Acquiring Citizenship

Applicants have one type of investment option available to obtain citizenship. Applicants must meet the following conditions:

Malta Passport

Holders of a Maltese passport enjoy visa-free travel to approximately 182 international destinations. These include the United Kingdom, the European Schengen Zone, Switzerland and significant business hubs such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

Validity of the Passport

Passports are valid for ten (10) years and are renewable afterwards at a Maltese passport office.

Benefits of Malta and the Citizenship by Investment Program

Program Requirements

To be eligible to apply, the Principal Applicant must:

Applications will be denied on the following grounds:

Application Processing Time

Decisions are rendered within twelve (12) months on most application as long as the due diligence report is satisfactory.

International Organization Membership

Malta is a member of the following international organizations:


460,297 (2017)

GNI per Capita

$23,750 US (2016)


Maltese, English


Euro. 1 € = 1.13 USD




Average all year round of 9°C – 31°C

Major Religion

Roman Catholic


Parliamentary Republic


Global Mobility

Invest in your Future and become a global citizen.

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Citizenship and Residency by Investment

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