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The United Kingdom

Residency & Citizenship by Investment

Located off the north-west coast of the European mainland, the United Kingdom has one of the highest standards of living in the world, with a diverse and prosperous population and an incredibly developed economy. London, its capital, is arguably the global economic and cultural capital of the world, making the U.K. an attractive destination for investors looking for financial and lifestyle benefits with easy access to Europe and the rest of the world.

The United Kingdom Residency & Citizenship by Investment Program

The United Kingdom Immigrant Investor Program is designed to enable high net worth individuals making a significant financial investment in the U.K. to obtain residency at an expedited rate, depending on the investment option fulfilled. Applicants are permitted to apply for citizenship upon completion of residency and other requirements.

Ways of Acquiring Residency

The United Kingdom Immigrant Investor Program enables applicants who invest higher amounts to obtain residency faster. Applicants are required to invest at least 75% of the total investment amount into U.K. government bonds, or invest in share capital or loan capital in registered and active U.K. trading companies. The remaining 25% of the investment must be deposited into the U.K. regulated financial institution.

Applicants have three investment options available, as follows:

An investor visa is valid for a maximum of three (3) years and four (4) months, which can later be extended for another two (2) years prior to applying for residency.

Ways of Acquiring Citizenship

Applicants have the option to apply for citizenship in the United Kingdom after having lived there for five (5) or more years, provided that they have met the following residency requirements:

Benefits of the United Kingdom and the Residency & Citizenship by Investment Program

Program Requirements

To be eligible to apply, the Principal Applicant must:

Applications will be denied on the following grounds:

Application Processing Time

Applicants are advised to apply no earlier than three (3) months before planned travel date. Decisions on investor applications are usually rendered in an average of three (3) weeks.

International Organization Membership

The United Kingdom is a member of the following international organizations:


66.04 million (2017)

GNI per Capita

$40,530 US (2017)

Official Languages

English (Official)


Pound Sterling. 1 GBP = 1.13 USD




Average all year round of 6°C – 20°C

Major Religion



Constitutional Monarchy


Global Mobility

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Citizenship and Residency by Investment

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