Top Five Attributes of Canada’s Start-Up VISA Program

The Start-Up Visa Program provides entrepreneurs with permanent residency and a connection to business partners. It enables immigrant entrepreneurs to launch innovative businesses that will create jobs in Canada and, eventually, to compete globally. The Program also links these entrepreneurs with private sector groups in their new country who have experience working with start-ups and who can serve as an essential resource and champion for their success.

These are the top five best attributes of Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program:

  1. The program supports innovative business.The Program encourages the establishment of innovative businesses in Canada that can create jobs and compete on a global scale, benefitting the Canadian economy.
  2. No investment requirement.Unlike other Canadian business immigration programs, applicants under the Start-Up Visa Program do not need to invest any of their own funds into their Canadian business. Funding can come from a Canadian venture capital fund, Angel Investor, or business incubator.
  3. No net worth requirement.Many applicants are unable to immigrate to Canada because they cannot explain where their money came from. With no investment requirement, the Start-Up Visa does not require applicants to substantiate their assets or source of funds.
  4. No management experience requirement. Most other programs only accept applicants with business ownership or management experience. This Program only requires applicants to have an innovative business idea that can garner support from a designated Canadian investor.
  5. Processing times are fast.Applicants can receive permanent residence in a little over a year, much faster than any other business program.

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Vince Lalonde leads the global investor immigration Practice at Pace Law. He advises financial institutions, government bodies and developers on the legality, viability and marketability of their investor immigration projects and programs. He was instrumental in opening up the Chinese market for several successful immigration products, including PEI PNP, Saskatchewan PNP, Singapore Investor, UK Tier 1 Investor, St. Kitts Citizenship, and Dominica Citizenship by investment programs. Vince advises international investors seeing citizenship or permanent residence abroad on the most suitable investment option to help them achieve

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