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Anna Aazam


Location: Toronto

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Ukrainian


Anna is an Immigration lawyer at Pace Law Firm. Anna completed her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at McGill University in 2007. Anna pursued her Bachelor of Laws from the University of Leicester in United Kingdom in 2011 and completed her studies with a Master of Laws in Immigration Law from University of Toronto in 2014.  Anna has extensive experience securing both temporary status

and protected person status for persons who are facing removal, and is well versed in handling work permits and applications for permanent residence through various immigration streams. In her previous roles, Anna has worked in a vast array of immigration settings; she has worked as an Immigration Support Clerk, a legal analyst, an immigration support clerk, and as an associate immigration lawyer at a

reputable Law firm. Anna’s area of expertise is within the area of immigration and refugee law; she regularly represents clients at the Immigration and Refugee Board as well as at the Federal Court.