Open Spousal Work Permit Pilot Program Extended Again

It was expected that, the pilot program for the inland processing of open work permit applications for spouses and common-law partners in Canada will be extended, as there is no reason for this program to end. Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada set this program to expire on July 31, 2020.

This pilot project allows eligible common-law partners and spouses who reside in Canada and are undergoing the sponsorship process to apply for a temporary residence as workers and remain in Canada under the worker category until their permanent residence application is finalized.

The open work permit does not require a specified employer and the temporary worker has the option to work for any employer in Canada. This program ensures that applicants are able to contribute to their families and to the Canadian economy while their sponsorship applications are processing.

An open Spousal work permit can be extended if for any reason the permanent residence application takes longer than expected to process. Applicants need to make sure that they apply for their extensions before their current work permits expire.

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