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Visit Canada or the U.S.​


Visit Canada or the U.S.

Depending on where you live and the reason for your visit, you will need to meet certain entry requirements. Learn which documents you need to travel, visit family and friends, do business or transit through Canada or the U.S., and how to extend your visit.

There are many wonderful reasons to visit Canada and the U.S., ranging from pleasure to business. Proper authorization to enter and remain in either country are crucial. Tourists travelling to Canada and/or the U.S. usually require a visitor or a B-2 visa. For business visitors who do not require a work permit to conduct their activities, Canada and the U.S. offer business and B-1 visas.

Deciding which program is right for you does not have to be difficult. Allow Pace Immigration Associates and Advisors to simplify and guide you through the immigration process. Complete the free assessment to see if you qualify or contact us for a consultation.

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